A Virtual Beginner's Guide to Meditation Part 2

Monday, March 01, 2021
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Soberocity Zoom (Virtual Event)
139 Ludlow Street, New York, NY, USA

This three-part series of one-hour sessions will introduce the basics of meditation, including the principles of mindfulness, posture, breathing, and our relationship to the three main aspects of our human nature: body, heart, and mind. Its purpose is to develop a strong inner foundation, which is always important, but especially now in dealing with quarantine and isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Each interactive session will be broken into four parts: 1) “Warm-up”/”Entering the Meditation Room,” where we’ll listen to peaceful music or other sounds, and check in with ourselves and each other through quiet conversation and a brief relaxation technique; 2) Introduction to a different key aspect of meditation; 3) a Guided Meditation practice session; and 4) Discussion of the experience, feedback, and follow-up.

The sessions will include the following:

Session 1: Introduction to “Mindfulness and More”; “The Body and Its Ground” (Posture and “taking your seat”; Body-scan meditation; walking meditation; free movement, including lessons from Tai Chi, such as “rooting,” kidney point/”Bubbling Well” and the idea that “the whole body has mind” and what that means)

Session 2: “Pure Feeling: The Heart and Meditation” (the difference between pure feeling and ordinary emotions; how to find pure feeling; “triggers” for more positive and energetic feeling states; the relationship between feeling, body, and mind)

Session 3: “Mind, Presence and Thinking” (Resting in awareness before thoughts; noting thoughts without getting attached; observing the connections between thinking and emotions; moving skillfully between physical sensations, perceptions, emotions, and thoughts; mindful attention and insight)

Each session will relate the aspects of meditation discussed to the context of Recovery and sober living, and talk about the practical benefits of meditation for health, relationships, work, and more.

The series began on Monday, Feb. 15th and ran from 7-8 p.m. EST. The following last session in this series is on 3/15 at 7pm EST.

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